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The purpose of the You First podcast is to discuss the rights of individuals with disabilities, putting your rights first. Host Keith Casebonne interviews knowledgeable guests, accounts first-hand experiences, and dives into issues of national and global importance to people with disabilities.

This podcast is produced by Disability Rights Florida, a not-for-profit corporation working to protect and advance the rights of Floridians with disabilities through advocacy and education. You can learn more about Disability Rights Florida on our website at

Oct 27, 2022

Let's talk about Accessible In-Person Voting in the sixth and final episode of our new series, "Your Voice, Your Vote!"

It’s almost Election Day - and you have the right to vote in person with accessible options. On this episode of "Your Voice, Your Vote!" we’re grateful to have Sarah Goldman, the Director...

Oct 20, 2022

Let's talk about Running for Office with a Disability in the fifth episode of our new series, "Your Voice, Your Vote!"

On today’s episode, we’re excited to have guests Sarah Blahovec, Olivia Babis, Karolyn Campbell, and Sabrina Cohen. These four individuals have run for office as folks with disabilities, advocated...

Oct 13, 2022

Let's talk about Understanding the Disability Vote in the fourth episode of our new series, "Your Voice, Your Vote!"

In this two-part episode, we talk about the disability community, their access to voting, what barriers are up against the disability community’s civic involvement, what trends we see in disabled...

Oct 6, 2022

Let's talk about Voting and Intersectionality in the third episode of our new series, "Your Voice, Your Vote!"

In this episode, we talk to Jazlyn Gallego from Vote Riders about intersectionality and how marginalized voters are impacted in the election process. Jazlyn is Voter Riders’ Florida State Outreach Director...